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To some extent, wechat business realized commodity social sharing, acquaintances and friends show, this understandable. With wechat business after years of wild growth, although the number has broken never, but let the wechat business into a dilemma, "pyramid", and "pit acquaintances" also slowly became synonymous with wechat business, trust crisis become before wechat business the most serious problems.
Use a network popular sentence patterns: "your house is the pyramid selling, you and your family are all MLM!" , I believe that is a lot of "real" doing wechat business experience. Wechat business in the future how to implement a counter attack, maybe this is all really do wechat business people need to think about.
Wechat business of chaos
In the CCTV news report: reveal the top power marketing. Once again pushed the wechat business this topic to the forefront of public opinion. A job, ready to buy Benz, 6 an income of 100000, 108 days a month to buy a house, and spent as long as several thousand yuan, sitting at home can business, why do you want in a job like this? So strong a temptation and eye stimulation for many temporarily unemployed or those who want to venture bait, and such a so-called entrepreneurial opportunities and is now very popular, also sounds very fashion of the type of work: wechat business.
  打开微信朋友圈,卖面膜、香皂、衣服、手表、鞋子、玉石的……朋友圈成了巨大的商业市场。但质量参差不齐、售后没有保障、专卖人情账等等,m88官网, 微商乱象比比皆是。
Open the WeChat circle of friends, selling masks, soap, clothes, watches, shoes, jade... A friend circle is a huge commercial market. But there is no guarantee of variable quality and after-sale, monopoly one zhang, etc., wechat business mess everywhere.
CCTV news, is now labeled as a "pyramid". So, what is wechat business MLM? For the moment hard to tell, not is wechat business controversial question.
For people who want to in the field of wechat business entrepreneurship, the author wants to warn everyone not to be fooled by the appearance of flowers, and even lost myself. As jade general manager Tian Bin think, do wechat business should have a dependable peace of mind and working style, and improve the quality of your product, combine products and culture, to do things one step at a time.
  m88官网, 的自我救赎
Peak power of micro marketing self-salvation
For wechat business low thresholds, wechat business sales still faces more than 3 without the product good and evil people mixed up, practitioners, industry regulation disorder, consumer transaction insecurity, once the purchased goods problems facing shrugged off situation, also obstruct the development of our wechat business industry.
Since this year wrangles wechat business development. First encounter media exposure, then agent level bottom, brand wechat business began to exit, then the CCTV to wechat business name, relevant laws and regulations or the upcoming in succession, the wechat business industry transformation, how to self-salvation wechat business?
1. Restore trust
  假如微商没有发生毒面膜等事件,或许微商不会在互联网上如此具有争议。但如今,年初还风风火火的微商,自遭央视曝光以来变得萎靡不振,面临严重的消费信任危机。很多微商在很大程度上也受到信任危机的波及,导致消费者对微商产生了 “一朝被蛇咬,十年怕井绳”的反应。
If the wechat business no crimes such as poison mask, perhaps wechat business won't be so controversial over the Internet. But now, early rollerblading wechat business, since by CCTV exposure falters, facing serious consumer trust crisis. Many wechat business in the very great degree is also affected by the crisis of confidence, lead to consumers on wechat business "once bitten, twice shy, once bitten, twice shy" response.
Wechat business development of unlimited referral agent that has been accused of pyramid selling, and the lack of strong credit supervision and led to the fake goods. In such cases, the wechat business platform after agents and lack of credibility, how to solve the unlimited development is in front of the two big problems.
In wechat business war of the future, who can first to solve the problem of lack of credibility this, who will occupy a leading position in the market. For instance jade, please provide the authentic A source of goods are manufacturers of goods, quality guaranteed after-sales. This is why the jade can be jade industry's highest leader in one of the most important competitive power.
2. Build platform and build community
Many wechat business has put a lot of thoughts on developing agent and brush circle of friends, a big reason why basis, based on a social networking business practices without platform, the need to complete the drainage process. In the process of WeChat social network is only a tool, such as the "efficient" violence refresh wechat business, finally only fall a blocked shielding.
From friends age to platform, and is the inevitable trend of wechat business future development. The wechat business need by an efficient platform to realize the development of more large-scale, marketing efficiency in the process of implementation in sales. Only this, jade jade industry, it is particularly clever and smart, professional custom APP. This not only provides people with a harmonious environment, circle of friends at the same time the wechat business never brush figure violence, won't appear the superiors do not give it, will not be able to sell goods at a lower level, the product fully automatic updates. And has a advantage in the jade is such a thing is the only, will not be repeated.
Wechat business is not a one-time deal, of course, more is to establish a lasting relationship. To establish a lasting relationship premise is, you have to be someone. Individuals to develop community alone is not enough, the last play social circles, so as to make the whole industry to realize the scale of the development goals.
What do wechat business counter attack?
In the past time, wechat business as a rising star in the electronic commerce, is almost wechat business experienced an unprecedented peak. Is impacted by the electricity, the traditional sales businesses such as supermarkets, stores, such as more and more depression, also can't meet the needs of consumers to buy more and more, more traditional industries are beginning to transform wechat business, such as jade is one of the very good wechat business products: its high demand, high profit, competition and small, which makes many eager to transformation of wechat business saw an opportunity.
Author shimmering jewelry co., LTD in guangzhou the brand "jade" as an example, to talk about the jade as wechat business is how to realize the counter attack. We all know that jade jade, it is a gathering of national source supplier platform, but also focus on the source of jade. Since its inception, the jade, with always high-standard style, strive to build fei CuiWei manufacturer supply the first brand.
But as the emerald enthusiasts are increasingly demanding regarding the quality of the jade, judgment is also more and more strong, no one hand high quality sources, fei CuiWei business is very difficult to do the same. The problem how to solve, for many areas of wechat business might be worth using for reference.
1. The vertical and specialization
Wechat business essence is a kind of based on the trust of the social economy. The rapid development of mobile Internet, although released the constraints of time and space, but still do wechat business products is the focus of the business. As the saying goes, men fear into the wrong line, female afraid married the wrong lang. Enter the era of mobile Internet e-commerce, important, more important. Who do not have the product of culture, there is no brand beliefs, ethnic identity electric company, is still by "ads bombing" promotion is too LOW.
Mask, watches, clothes in wechat business field is rampant, and ignored by the jadeite market is a big cake, and jade is very huge profits. So some people will by hook or by crook, shoddy, influence consumer experience. Because the average user is not the jade of A, B, C grade, the means of some jade has compressed the conscience of living space. This is also why jade it will was born. Jade, it aims at fei CuiWei business supplies the first brand, ensure goods are quality goods A source for manufacturers of goods, and let the wechat business has A specialized professional level and quality. Only for jade for consumers to provide more high quality and sincere service, to establish a long-term trust relationship.
2. Good product, good
"Product is king" seems to be a repeat of rot crap, but I still want to remind the wechat business practitioners, do wechat business, products must be the most important, no one. A good product is must have the high quality goods, wechat business is ultimately a trading platform, not on the basis of high quality products trading is all play rascal. Good product must have quality assurance, such as all jade, please provide goods are quality goods A source for manufacturers of goods, quality guaranteed after-sales. If discover fake and shoddy goods will fake a penalty ten, and carries on the corresponding wechat business titles. Also provide guarantee services all the way, each product requires the supplier to provide authoritative appraisal certificate, receipt of goods can be no reason to return in three days.
In addition to good product, must have a stable supply of goods support, excellent quality assurance. With the increasingly development of wechat business, wholesale channels exposed gradually, after-sales insecurity, can not return, short time sent to all parts of the country... And jade, in order to give the wechat business provides an efficient and stable quality goods, shenyang, flat state, sihui, in guangdong jieyang, ruili in yunnan, a jade source market branch, and only work with primary source. In ensuring cost-effective at the same time, the agent still has rich profits, really realize the supply of goods: supply stability, quality excellent, cost-effective. Like jade, after a strong supply security, wechat business can save the intermediate links, directly the wechat business as long as the peace of mind of sales channels.
3. The powerful distribution
For online shop or entities shop customers are mostly unknown users, if the product is not good at most they don't buy the next time, or when the complaint handling, most of these weak relations are disposable, broken is broken, do not affect a person real social network.
And in the social network has a theory of "three degrees of influence", said is our friend, friend of a friend, a friend of a friend of a friend is one of the most influential to us three layer relations, and the wechat business business mainly in the three layers within a relationship. Wechat business is the process of retail distribution model that makes it possible to all retail.
  传统的m88官网, 微商每天需要刷屏上新,这是一件非常让人费力不讨好的事。于是翡翠吧吧还定制了手机APP,代理们只需点击就可以分享销售,躺着也能赚钱。说白了翡翠吧吧的代理模式就是希望下线通过自身的影响力去影响粉丝,从而达成跟风购买。关键在于翡翠吧吧的微商代理能够以更低的价格拿到一手货源,得到了较大的利润空间,外加上一部分的下级代理提成,微商们在翡翠吧吧的平台上收获的利润就完全不可估量了。强大的分销队伍,才能实现微商的规模化效应。
Traditional new wechat business need refresh every day, this is a very let a person do not please painfully. So jade, still have customized mobile phone APP, just click can share sales agent, you can make money lying. Anyway let jade the proxy pattern is hope referral by their influence to affect fans, to follow suit to buy. Is the key to jade, it can be wechat business agent at a lower price to get the primary source, got a larger profits space, plus a portion of its subordinate agency commission, the wechat business in emerald, platform on the profits of the harvest is inestimable. The strength of their distribution team to achieve the scale effect of wechat business.
  m88官网, 总结:
Peak power micro marketing summary:
Wechat business with high quality goods, super source security, powerful distribution curve overtaking is entirely possible. But for the moment, to restore trust, build platform, build community is wechat business faced with the crisis, such as how to solve these problems is wechat business priority.
Unique, quality of products, products always keep update, is wechat business foothold and the root of the late development. In this era of integration of resources, as long as can share, constantly through links between people, form a powerful large-scale team, you can make money lying! At that time, may be the day of you with wechat business counter attack.