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Peak power of the micro marketing the detailed content of the service provided by the peak power according to the actual situation, such as brand main release show to promote information service and to provide for the media to accept advertising task order and push services. Peak power to modify, interruption, or the right to terminate some network services. Keep according to actual condition adjust peak power types, forms of micro marketing platform to provide services. Do not assume because of business losses resulted from the adjustment to the user.


Peak power micro marketing platform encourages users to take full advantage of the free to information release platform for active and promotion activities. You are free to post or publish copy pictures from other sites and information content, but the content must be in the public domain, or you have the right to use the content. The user through the platform to upload, post or transmit the contents of the blame. Without permission from the copyright, the user may not post any copyrighted content on the platform. Otherwise, the resulting all legal responsibility shall be borne by the user.


Any other user or web site need to reprint the work, must be authorized by the consent of the original author. Production, distribution and transmission of the information content of copyright belongs to the peak power marketing all, without going through the peak power marketing written permission, any user or the third party may not copy, modify, or transfer the content, or use it for any commercial purpose.