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Along with the rise of mobile Internet, has been unable to describe how fast and changing era, because the theme of the innovation of our modern. Large and small businesses demand for advertising also began to change, especially the emergence of WeChat makes enterprise autonomy has great change, also let us know what is the autonomy of the change, micro marketing era is coming.
Some companies in WeChat public platform, they use their resources to vigorously promote themselves and the public account, subscribe to the number of rapid growth, including hundreds of thousands of subscriptions public account. Why WeChat public platform in such a short time so popular! This is because: its potential customer number, 600 million behind WeChat users is a huge marketing;
And humanized marketing way, WeChat marketing people rather than a nuisance, the user can choose permission and acceptance; Its marketing message arrival rate is high, because each message is sent in the form of push notifications, you published every message will be delivered to users subscribe to your hands, spread the arrival rate is higher than weibo. Predictably, WeChat will lead a marketing big changes of The Times. If taobao you didn't catch, 10 years ago to today's micro electric business do you want to see? Then you will be taking micro marketing this column on the bus!
But not you to do this we can success to the good life, you also want to know how to get to marketing to make money, if you want to learn the micro marketing tutorials, came to our peak power marketing, if you want to pay a return that we are here to learn, together, let us experience the great change!!!!!!